ITV Interviewing Solutions System
Our company, the original founders of the "Truth and Deception" course and designers of the acclaimed "Analytical Interview Systems" (A.I.S.) course (POST certified and US Government Course List approved), now introduce their new and leading-edge interviewing and interrogation course, featuring the Standardized Interview Format (S.I.F.)
The I.T.V. Interviewing Solutions System educates students on conducting interviews and interrogations from start to successful conclusion. It is a systematic, flexible system which adapts to the interviewers personality type and style. It also uses the suspect's personality type against them so the chances of success are drastically increased. This system provides a series of processes which incorporate advanced interviewing techniques that are field tested and scientifically proven.

The I.T.V.I.S. System introduces the new Standardized Interview Format, which was developed in response to ongoing input from our wide range of clientele. Like the AIS training course, ITVIS makes use of lectures which are synchronized to a professional PowerPoint slide presentation. Each student is provided with an extensive and detailed training manual which includes all the information provided in class, as well as supplemental reading materials and interview worksheets that can be used after the completion of training. Videos of actual interviews, in-class discussions/practical exercises and homework are also provided to reinforce crucial teaching points. ITVIS is presented in two formats: 3-day or 5-day programs depending on client requirements. Students who miss more than one hour of in-class training will not be eligible to complete the course.
S.I.F. is a concept that was brought about after seeing and listening to the needs and desires of our clients: police officers, military personnel, and investigators in all fields... be it in law enforcement or public service related investigations. Anyone whose job it is to obtain truthful, factual information from individuals in the course of their employment will greatly enhance their success with this technique. ITV has combined input from some of the top investigative minds in North America along with the combined 60 years of policing experience of our instructors to formulate what we know to be the best interviewing technique currently provided in the world today.

The S.I.F. is a system that can be used in every interview whether it ibe a simple theft or a complex homicide. Its premise is that one would conduct the interview in exactly the same way for any interviewing scenario. This breeds familiarity and confidence in interviewing. The S.I.F. System coupled with an interview plan is a very powerful tool for patrolmen and seasoned investigators.

This course is guaranteed to make you a more effective interviewer and increase confession rates.

ITV Consulting currently works with the Security Programs Division of the Ministry of Justice (Victoria, BC) and the Independent Investigations Office (New Westminster, BC) conducting security screening interviews on their behalf.

ITVIS training includes the following topics:
  • verbal cues
  • body language
  • emotional cues
  • statement analysis
  • interviewing by personality
  • advanced interviewing techniques
  • visual stimulation
  • confronting alibis
  • handling difficult subjects
  • Standardized Interview Format
  • combined interview tactics
  • interview planning
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